Our transitional kindergarten program continues to provide instruction and learning activities which stimulate the growth of the “whole child”. Physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development is promoted by helping children to master tasks and skills appropriate for their age and ability levels. Children develop healthy self-concepts and gain the necessary readiness skills for success in the primary grades. While individualizing instruction, we follow the New York State Common Core Learning Standards in a supportive environment designed to build each childs capacity to be successful. It is our goal to foster creativity, to individualize according to needs, and to help each child discover his/her own potential.

We feel this is best achieved through small group and individualized instruction. Instruction is provided in all the curriculum areas including reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies through structured and unstructured activities. Our TK program incorporates a balanced literacy approach, ensuring the children will learn the essential prerequisite skills needed to be successful readers and writers. 

Children are taught handwriting, journal writing, and poem writing. Each letter of the alphabet is introduced through a weekly theme. The activities and lessons of the week revolve around the theme. There is a Bible curriculum that teachers implement one time per week. Prayers are said before snack and lunch, and we sing songs about God.

Our kindergarten program is accredited with the New York State Education Department.

Parents may choose a minimum of 2 Full Days and 3 Half Days and a maximum of 5 Full Days. You may also add additional full days to the minimum schedule.

Early Drop off is available for our Transitional Kindergarteners. For more information on Early Drop Off (EDO) click here

We also have an afterschool program called Kids Club, which runs from 3-5:30 each day for three’s, four’s, and Kindergartners. For more information on Kids Club click here .

A Typical Day in Kindergarten

Children come into school and hang their backpacks and jackets on their hooks. Morning meeting begins immediately, where the children receive the morning message, pray, listen to a devotion, discuss the weather and calendar, begin counting instruction and phonics using a smart board, review sight words and the letter of the week, and say the pledge of allegiance. 

The children receive direct instruction where literacy and math lessons are conducted in a large group setting. Work time follows the instructional time, and children practice what they have learned in small groups or individually. Each day, children have snack and recite a prayer in sign language.

After snack, children explore the core subjects of science, social studies, and Bible. Center time engages the children in art, math, science, dramatic play, building, and literacy based activities. Half day children pack up their mailboxes and prepare to leave. The class moves to outdoor play in our beautiful spacious playground right before half day children are dismissed.

Children eat lunch in our cafeteria, where a healthy balanced meal is provided. After lunch, the children have free play and exploration either outside, in their classroom, or in our two indoor play spaces. Following these activities, children attend enrichment classes such as cooking/fun with food, Math, Zumba, Art, Gardening, Music and Movement, and Sign Language. Afternoon work is focused on literacy, reading readiness skills and immersion in rich literacy experiences. A major goal of our Transitional Kindergarten is to foster a love of reading and writing by the children. We have focused literacy time, where children are introduced to an array of genres. Full day children then pack up their mailboxes, have snack, free play, and are dismissed.